Custom Keepsake Purple Stone Rosary with St. Francis

Another gorgeous custom keepsake rosary! This one is made with dark purple stone beads for the Aves, silver-plated antique style Bali beads for the Paters, and a beautiful floral Miraculous Medal centerpiece. The 10 beads surrounding the Paters represent the 10 Commandments. The sweet girl receiving this special rosary for her First Holy Communion likes animals, so a Saint Francis of Assisi medal hangs with the beautiful grapevine crucifix.

Classic Black Swarovski Confirmation Keepsake Rosary

This Classic Confirmation Keepsake Rosary is made with black Swarovski crystal pearls for the Aves and silver plated antique Bali style beads for the Paters. Each Pater is surrounded by 3 beads representing The Most Holy Trinity. The middle bead is a black Swarovski crystal.

The centerpiece is cast in Italy and has an image of the Holy Spirit on the front with the inscription, “Come Holy Spirit Enlighten Me”, on the back.

The Saint Benedict crucifix is also made in Italy and features a St. Benedict jubilee medal in a classic black inlaid style.

All silver spacers and jump rings are sterling silver filled.

This beautiful keepsake rosary comes packaged in a velour pouch with a pamphlet on how to pray the rosary. It is then placed in a box that is perfect for gift giving.

Available in my Etsy shop for $45.

Rylee’s First Holy Communion Keepsake Rosary

Rylee’s First Holy Communion Keepsake Rosary is made with light aqua miracle beads for the Aves and pewter roses for the Paters. Each Pater is surrounded by 10 beads representing the 10 Commandments. Within those are 3 clear crystals representing the Most Holy Trinity.

The chalice centerpiece, Holy Spirit crucifix and Saint Francis medal are all cast in Italy.

Congratulations, Rylee! What a blessing to be receiving this wonderful sacrament on Easter Sunday!