Pray the Rosary Every Day…

On this day in 1917, Our Lady appeared for the first time to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, with a simple message. She asked the children to pray the rosary daily for peace in the world. This request was constant and ever-present over the following 6 months when she continued to appear to them. Continue reading “Pray the Rosary Every Day…”

Cecilia’s Graduation Rosary

Pink Cat’s Eye beads for the Ave’s with purple diamond cut glass surrounded by antique sterling silver bali beads for the Pater’s. The spacers are mirrored glass tubes and all letters and numbers are silver plated rhodium. The centerpiece is Our Lady of Fatima. Congratulations on your High School Graduation, Cecilia! We are proud ofContinue reading “Cecilia’s Graduation Rosary”