Vintage Stained Glass Birthstone Keepsake Rosary

I made this beautiful keepsake rosary as a birthday gift for a friend of mine. She has 10 children, perfect to fill a decade of a rosary! When I gathered all of the beads, I was struck at the beautiful combination of colors, one of a kind for her family. The Aves are the birthstones/gemstones ofContinue reading “Vintage Stained Glass Birthstone Keepsake Rosary”

Single Decade Pocket Rosary

These single decade pocket rosaries are just the perfect size to keep in your pocket as a constant reminder that you can pray anytime! I discovered that mine fits perfectly over the blinker thingy in my car.  I like it there as it reminds me to take it off and pray as I am drivingContinue reading “Single Decade Pocket Rosary”