2019 Custom Keepsake Rosary Ordering Information

To order quickly and easily, please see my Etsy shop.
The First Holy Communion custom keepsake rosary is typically made with miracle beads for the Hail Marys (of which there are several colors to choose from). I like to use the miracle bead as when it catches the light, it looks as if there is a bead within a bead…like Jesus hidden in the Eucharist. Not to mention the Eucharist is the greatest miracle we will ever experience. (I have other options available as well, such as birthstones and gemstones).
For the Our Father beads, I have a selection of silver Bali style beads among many others. I typically send you a picture with several options so you can choose what best suits your child.
The centerpiece is a 3-D chalice.
For the crucifix, I will send your options in a picture, as there are many!
Personalization is available in silver only. You can choose to have your child’s name/initials or name/initials and date of First Holy Communion. If you choose name only, the name will appear in the 3rd decade. With the name and date option, the name will be in the 4th decade and the date will be in the 2nddecade. Having the date is nice in that you and your child will never forget when First Holy Communion was received.
I can also include a saint medal to hang with the crucifix (based on availability). The most popular medals are St. Michael, Guardian Angel, Miraculous Medal, or the particular saint associated with your parish. Adding a medal does not change the pricing, unless I have to special order it.
Many people take a look at my “rosary blog”, Facebook page or Instagram page to get ideas and inspiration.  Feel free to take a look and let me know your preferences. You can mix and match anything you see (depending on availability, of course).
Rosaries are strung on the strongest, most flexible beading wire available and all connections are double crimped for added strength and longevity. I do also make “linked”rosaries, where each bead is linked to the next, rather than strung on a wire. The main difference is the look and how the rosary “collapses” in your hand. You can see the difference on the blog mentioned above. Pricing is the same for either one.
Basic Miracle bead rosary with no personalization – $30.00
Miracle bead rosary with personalization – $28.00 (base rosary) + $1.50 for each letter/number bead
Example: Eva, 3-30-2014: 28.00 + (1.50×10) = $43.00
Shipping:  Priority Mail: $8.00, USPS First Class Mail: $4.50
The options for these rosaries are literally endless! If there is a particular gemstone or color (i.e. birthstone) you would like me to use, please let me know! I am happy to prayerfully create a lasting, special keepsake that has meaning for you and your child.
I accept Payment through my Etsy shop, or I can send you an invoice from “Square” that enables you to pay securely with your credit card.  Let me know your preference.
If you would like to order, please visit my Etsy shop to order from a current listing or send me a message with your preferences and I can create a custom listing for you. These are the design elements I need to know:
1) Hail Mary Bead color
2) Our Father Bead preference (if you know what you want)
3) Crucifix preference (if you know what you want)
4) Personalization information (name and/or date)
5) Patron saint
6) Strung or Linked


Thank you so much for inquiring!
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