Letters and Numbers

This picture shows the difference between the “old” letters (Andi Lee) and the “new” letters (Daniel).  Andi’s rosary also shows 6mm beads and Daniel’s shows 8mm beads.  The numbers are only available in the “new” style.  I have a good supply of the “old” style beads in the letters and only a few numbers; so I am able to do names only in this size.  If you would like to have a date incorporated into a rosary, I will have to use the “new”, larger style.  It works well with both 6mm and 8mm beads.  Please allow at least 4 weeks if you would like the “new” beads as I am only ordering them as I need to since they are a little more expensive.  Thank you for your support of our little rosary making business!
God’s Peace and Blessings,
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